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About Our Work Together

I specialise in trauma, anxiety, depression, bereavement and relationships and am a qualified practitioner of the REWIND technique for trauma and PTSD. (

We will work professionally and creatively with whatever you need to focus on. You will have the space to just talk about what is on your mind, explore what this means to you and resolve, gently. We will identify patterns and themes in your experiences, recognise triggers and explore their meaning to you.

Every person and experience in your life will have an impact on you and you will respond and react in ways which may no longer work, but are normal. Distressing thoughts, feelings and sensations may change, may linger or may lay hidden away. Our work together will unravel and witness which is which to clear the way for change.

My approach is integrative, using various ways to suit you, including relaxation, body awareness, healthy coping strategies and relationship development.

Perhaps you want to cry but don’t know why
or can’t because you don’t know how
or shouldn’t, because you were told it was wrong
and never did, because you had to be strong
and mustn’t,  because it is all your fault.

It’s not your fault.


What differs from individual work is the focus on the relationship between the two of you and how to take that relationship forwards, in equality and with a joint purpose. No bias or siding with one or the other exists. Both of you, as individuals, have a right to be heard and as a couple, a right to find stability without oppression, blame, fault or hurt.


Confidence building is at the core of my work with young people. Empowering healthy control and communication, concentration and social interaction, for a happier experience whether at school, home or with peer groups.

About me. I am a qualified practitioner of the REWIND therapy technique for trauma and PTSD. Also Bereavement Counsellor at Sue Ryder Hospice and Relate trained couples counsellor  and provider of EAP counselling.


REWIND TRAUMA THERAPY ‘Closure without Disclosure’.

The REWIND offers a way of permanently stopping the involuntary recall by filing the traumatic event so it comes under control. Voluntary recall remains.


The REWIND is a non invasive, fast treatment for PTSD, Trauma and Phobias. My training was at Birmingham University with its founder Dr David Muss of the International Association of Rewind Trauma Therapy

(RT) was first introduced into the literature of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder by Dr.David Muss (founder of this association) back in 1991; ** “A new technique for treating Posttraumatic Stress Disorder”. British Journal of Clinical Psychology, 1991, 30,91-92. 19 policeman with PTSD were treated with the Rewind and followed for two years. All reported being well, returned to work and there wasn’t a single relapse.

The Rewind is different from other imaginal exposure therapies because no details are disclosed to the therapist. Hence the treatment is known as “closure without disclosure”

The benefits of non disclosure include:

Minimizing the risk of the client being re-traumatized.
There is no fear of disclosing sensitive information e.g. In the case of servicemen, for example, about deployment.
For survivors of rape and sexual abuse the benefit of not having to disclose details of the event to a stranger is self-evident
Minimizing the risk to the counsellor of developing compassion fatigue, particularly for those therapists involved with heavy workloads.



‘The REWIND completely transformed mine and my family’s life. I cannot begin to explain how I could begin again. Thank you’.

‘For me a key part to enable me to address the negative and self destructive thought patterns, has been to just be in a safe relationship with another person, to understand the reasons and to really demonstrate to myself that I love and accept myself’.

‘I blamed my husband all these years. I now see why and how we can build a better future together, in our own family, on our own terms’.

‘Since the first REWIND session I am no longer on medication for sex as the memories don’t enter my brain during the activity.’

‘Ruth I’d just like to say thanks for all that you’ve done for me. I found you very professional, welcoming and approachable which made me very comfortable during our sessions, which is ultimately why I think I had such a positive experience. I’d not hesitate to recommend you to others’.



I offer a FREE initial phone consultation, to introduce you to the counselling process and for you to establish what it is you need now to move forward in your life in a safe and healthy way.

We will have 50 minute face to face sessions, on the same day, at the same time each week, but we can be flexible, according to your needs, which we will review as our work progresses. You have as many sessions as you need.


Individual £40

Couples £60


Complex Trauma Recovery – Network of Complex Trauma Therapists (NCTT)

REWIND Trauma Therapist – International Organisation of Rewind Trauma Therapy (IARTT)

RELATE Couples Counsellor – RELATE

Trauma and the body PODS

PTSD and Disassociation PODS
BACP Accredited DipHE Relational Counselling LeedsBeckett University
BACP Accredited CertHE Interpersonal Counselling Leeds Beckett University
Mindfullness Cognitive Therapy Bradford NHS
Sexual Abuse MOSAIC2
Managing Stress and Anxiety Bradford University
Domestic Violence WomenCentre




Training, Qualifications and Experience

DipHE Relational Counselling Leeds Beckett
CertHE Interpersonal Counselling Leeds Met
RSA(BAC)Cert. Counselling Skills Lewisham College
ITEC Dip. Anatomy, Physiology & Massage Greenwich College

Relate Couples Counsellor in Training

Student and academic areas
Relational Counselling
Bereavement by Suicide
Creative Therapies
Mind Body Integration
Bereavement through war
Womens Health
Loss and Grief Training
Therapeutic Imagery

Children and Young people’s loss and bereavement National Palliative Care
Trauma and the Body Positive Outcomes for Dissociative Survivors
Mindfullness Cognitive Therapy Bradford NHS
Sexual Abuse MOSAIC2
Domestic Violence Women Centre
Transactional Analysis Horsforth Centre
Trauma and the body PODS
PTSD and Disassociation PODS
Loss an Grief Trainer


‘For me a key part to enable me to address the negative and self destructive thought patterns, has been to understand the reasons and to really demonstrate to myself that I love and accept myself and that just being me is great – I don’t need to continually work to improve myself’.

‘My ability to handle emotional stress has changed for the better. This has improved my own feelings and the feelings of others around me. Ruth seems to be able to turn around a problem and let me see it with a different angle and insight which opened my eyes to how and why I felt the way I did.’

About me.

In addition to private practice in Bingley and Heptonstall, I am Associate at Bradford University Counselling Service and Bereavement Counsellor at Sue Ryder Hospice, Oxenhope and am a Loss and Grief trainer for companies and organisations.

Areas I work with


Anger Management




Domestic violence

Post Traumatic Stress


Sex Problems


Suicidal idiation


Work related issues

Types of clients

Adults and the elderley

Young people 13 and over

Groups and organisations

What to expect from counselling.

All your relationships impact on your life and actions. In counselling, our relationship is a genuine, authentic, safe and confidential one. A relationship for you to explore, unravel and make sense of your world, as you see it and to ask questions, seek guidance and clarify.

There is no format or form filling. You are in control of the process and we will work together on whatever it is YOU need.


We can have a FREE initial chat over the phone, to introduce you to the counselling process and for you to establish what it is you need now to move forward in your life in a safe and healthy way.

We will have 50 minute sessions for up to ten weeks which we will review and continue if necessary. You do not have to have all ten sessions, just as many as you need.

£40 per session.

Couples Counselling

£60 per session


Tel 07542892619

Website http://www.counselling-directory/counsellors/ruth-netherwood
Registered Member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists(BACP).