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Pilates with Jane Oates

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Jane trained with Polestar Pilates to complete her Pilates Mat Series training. Through her work and training as an Osteopath she began to develop an interest in Pilates Exercise. The principles of Osteopathy and Pilates are very similar and aim to achieve optimum mechanical and structural function either through treatment or exercise. The principles of movement in Pilates aim to develop complete coordination of the body, mind and spirit which is necessary for a healthy lifestyle. One of the Pilates main principles is improvement through movement. I believe that efficiency in movement will help to maintain structure and health within the body, which has an impact on preventing reoccurrences of injuries and maintaining health and well being. Jane enjoys teaching on a one to one basis.

Contact Jane on 07971 781496

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Pilates Mat class

A mat based class is 1 hour. It is advised to wear comfortable clothing such as sports or gym wear. A mat will be provided at the studios if you don’t have one of your own. Before the class it is important to let the instructor know if you have any injuries. A mat class will build core stability and improve your everyday movement and posture. The classes will be suitable for all levels and be scalable to your personal fitness levels.

1-2-1 Pilates session

A 1-2-1 session is an hour long. Your first 1-2-1 session will include a 30 minute fitness assessment looking at movement and posture including health screening. A 1-2-1 is advised if you have any injuries or health conditions, if you are new to Pilates or exercise, or if you would like to work under the close direction of an instructor to achieve your specific goals. Pilates is a very specific type of movement and everyone has developed different patterns of dysfunctional movement that leads to injury. The body needs to be re-educated and coached and this is best done in a 1-2-1 environment so your instructor can guide you to get the most out of your session. The instructor will work with you to identify your goals and develop your personal exercise programme.


A one hour session is £35.00

Contact details

I can be contacted on 07971 781496 and email: jane.osteo@gmail.com